mean is not mean

MEAN - LAMP for hipsters

Not quite. What means MEAN anyway? Everyone should know what LAMP means if you were not born yesterday.

MEAN is the modern, hipster cousin of LAMP.

That’s a lot of JS. As I said. Made by hipsters, for hipsters, just kidding.

how does it work?

I came across this idea on a tutorial I read on Really simple:

Thanks to this you can develop and let your API grow without having to touch the frontend app itself.

I took the liberty to link this image I found on for better understanding:


You could also try to get a better idea from or

try it out

I tried the single app page todo app from and it was really fun and easy! But I encourage everyone to learn you some angularjs first. It is very useful when you will be starting to read about angular modules and scopes and I still have a lot to learn about angular too.

last words

MEAN may be something new at first, but it is not mean at all. I learned a lot in only a few hours and it wasn’t difficult at all!